Nutrition Made Easy

Join us for seasonal healthy living challenges with your friends and family. These 21-day challenges are designed to be fun! Healthy living is fun! Break out of your bubble, make some friends, be adventurous, and surprise yourself.

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Next Challenge

Fall Back Into Healthy Habits

This challenge will offer easy-to-prepare clean meals, and healthy snacks which have been specially designed to help you break the cycle of bad eating habits that creep up during the winter, help you lose a few pounds, support healthy digestion, and dramatically improve the way you feel—without giving up food! You'll also get expert coaching and support the entire time!

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Be Adventurous

Jump out of your comfort zone and join us for a friendly health challenge. Compete with your friends, family, and online community in daily health focused objectives.

Make Friends

Join a supportive friendly online community of people just like you.

Suprise yourself

Break out of your stale routines, and discover something new.

Improve your health

Spice up your routine with fun daily challenges.

Win Big

In this game, everyone's a winner, but you if you play the game right, you could walk away with some real world cash as a bonus.

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Nutrition Programs

We offer a range of programs to fit your goals and needs. Whether you’re just starting or a veteran confident fit foodie, we have a program to help you take the next step.

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Confident Fit Foodie Program

Are you motivated to finally get a handle on your personal nutrition, and make exciting changes in your health? Our most effective approach for lifelong changes is the Confident and Fit Foodie Program. This 16-week nutrition and coaching program is designed to help you carefully unpack your personal challenges, understand the root causes so you can improve them. With support and guidance, you’ll discover new habits, and make thoughtful realistic changes.

Unhealthy habits take years to develop, with this program you can take control of your nutrition and start working towards a healthier you. This time you’ll have coaching and guidance to help you overcome the daily challenges that you may have stumbled on before.

Many participants see remarkable improvement in their health; but more importantly leave the program with a healthy relationship with food, a healthy lifestyle, and momentum that can be sustained years into the future.

"I am thankful for you believing in me because I was having a hard time. I am happy you never give up on me."


One-on-one Nutrition Coaching

Are you feeling lost and are looking for a little guidance with achieving your goals? We’re here to help with a simple monthly nutrition coaching program. We can help you set realistic goals, measure your progress, and work through specific challenges that come up.

"Thank you for always believing in me!"

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Get to Know Me

Confident Fit Foodie

Kiki Magnuson

I love helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach Professional with a MS and BS in Kinesiology. With passion for health and wellness, I want to help you make a lifelong transformation with new habits and healthy decisions.


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