Is it time to ditch sugar?

It’s no secret that sugar can cause issues if you’re indulging in a little too much of the sweet stuff. Still, most Americans are eating too much sugar. The harmful effects it an have on your physical health are well studied, which is why we talk about reducing sugar intake to lower risk of these effects, like chronic disease. 

While ditching the sweet stuff can result in a physically healthier you, it’s the effect sugar has on our mental health that’s worth taking a second look.
  • 1. Sugar can affect your mood
  • 2. It can weaken your ability to deal with stress
  • 3. Sugar can increase your risk for developing depression
  • 4. Withdrawing from sweets can feel overwhelming 
  • 5. Sugar zaps your brain power
Just because you’re ditching or limiting processed sugar doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the pleasure of sweet-tasting foods. Add things like chia seed pudding with fruit, chocolate covered strawberries or oven-roasted sweet potatoes with red miso paste. By using natural sugars from food instead, you won’t deal with the negative effects of sugar. 

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