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Having trouble losing weight? There is new research that is showing that reducing your calories is more important than restricting what time you eat.
According to a study conducted in China, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study observed 139 obese participants. The participants were on a restricted calorie intake while half were given a window of time to eat per day along with their calorie restriction. What the study found was that everyone lost weight across the board but the group that had a time window restriction didn’t lose any more significant weight than the other group. To their conclusion, techniques like requiring eating windows may not make a major difference to weight loss.
What nutrition experts are finding is that when people focus on WHAT they eat versus WHEN, they are finding themselves eating less junk, consuming more whole foods, and feeling more satiated. By switching this mindset, people have less cravings, feel freer to choose whatever foods they desire and find themselves having a more positive approach to weight loss. If you’re focusing on when to eat, you can get so obsessed on when your next meal is which can lead to a poor approach that ends up negative and possibly an eating disorder. Instead, by focusing on the types of food to eat, switching things like sweet for fruit, packing lunch versus buying can start a trickle effect of positively and shifts the weight on the scale.
At the end of the day, the name of the game is consistency. The best diet is the one that someone can stick with for a long period. Regardless of its criteria, restriction, eating windows, if you can see yourself doing it for a long period of time, your chance of success is higher. The other side to that coin is sustainability. Once you’ve reached where you want to be, can you sustain it? If you’re having trouble saying yes, then maybe the techniques you’re using aren't the best approach. Learn more on finding a customized approach at info@livingwellwithkiki.com.
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