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Losing body fat can be a hard task. It often requires hard work, dedication and patience. Although there are many diets out there that promise “fat-burning” and quick results, we know that one must modify their diet, lifestyle and exercise routine in order to effectively reach and maintain a healthy weight. 
By applying some simple steps, you can promote long-lasting fat burn and improve your overall health. 

Long-lasting fat burn steps

  • 1. Start strength training
  • Strength training promotes muscle growth that increases your metabolic rate and help increase fat burn. 

  • 2. Incorporate more protein in your diet
  • By eating more protein, helps with satiation, lowering calorie intake and preserving muscle mass. It has also been linked to lowering the risk of belly fat.

  • 3. Get more sleep
  • By getting enough sleep, your body is able to regulate your appetite and hunger levels better as well as lower the risk of weight gain.

  • 4. Eat more healthy fats
  • Eating fats like nuts and oils help with satiety and linked to lower risk of weight gain. 

  • 5. Drink unsweetened beverages
  • Sugar-sweetened, artificially sweetened and alcoholic drinks have been shown to be lined to increased belly fat. Replacing these beverages with sparkling waters, green tea, water has been proven to increase weight loss, more energy and fat burn. 

  • 6. Fill up on fiber
  • Filling up your plate with fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes can make you feel fuller, boost fat loss and promote weight loss. 
So, in the long run, remember, to lose body fat sustainably, one must avoid crash diets and unsafe supplements. Start small by applying some of these simple steps and progress overtime. Know that you’re never alone and can always reach out to a professional, like me. 
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