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Probiotics have live microorganisms that can contribute to healthy gut. Probiotics or also known as beneficial bacteria, provide all sorts of health benefits to your brain and body. For instances, taking a probiotic daily can improve digestive health, reduce depression and promote heart health. There has been some evidence that suggests that even probiotics can help with better-looking skin!

Even though you can consume probiotics in supplements, it’s still important to get them through fermented foods. 

Here are some ideas on increasing your probiotic intake. 

  • 1. Yogurt
  • Probiotic yogurt is healthy for your gut as well as increasing your protein intake. You can choose from active or live cultures.

  • 2. Kefir
  • This fermented milk drink is a good source of probiotics and a better choice from yogurt. What’s also nice is that most people that have lactose intolerance can drink kefir with no issues.

  • 3. Sauerkraut
  • Sauerkraut is a finely cut, fermented cabbage rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Just make sure to get the unpasteurized brands that contain live bacteria.

  • 4. Tempeh
  •  This fermented soybean product is a firm patty that is high in protein and contains vitamin B12. 

  • 5. Kimchi
  • This spicy Korean side dish is made out of fermented cabbage.

  • 6. Miso 
  • This fermented soybean soup is not only healthy but can reduce the risk of cancer and stroke, especially in women. 

  • 7. Kombucha 
  • This fermented tea drink has great benefits. You just need to keep out on the sugar content. 

  • 8. Pickles
  •  This is fermented cucumbers that have a lot of great benefits from vitamin K, probiotics and electrolytes. 
So, as you see, there are many benefits to eating fermented foods. If you are not open to trying them, that’s ok, that’s what probiotic supplements are for. Remember, gut health is just as important to our health that incorporating something day can make a great impact later on in life. 
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