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Yo-yo dieting is also known as weight cycling, patters of weight loss and then gaining the weight back. Yo-yo dieters are now finding to not only have long-term struggles with their weight but are at a greater risk of obesity which can lead to chronic illnesses. 
This back-and-forth weight pattern is sometimes a result from following a strict diet that delivers rapid weight loss, with no long-term maintenance plan. These strict diet plans are meant to be short-term. Meaning they are not designed to impact health in a positive way but rather deliver a result with the intent to have an end date. Unfortunately, some of us are misguided with these techniques, not knowing that they are short-term which no promise of long-term maintenance.  
Other reasons why yo-yo dieting is bad for you are:
  • Rapid weight loss is seen as a threat to the body which increases appetite and cling to its energy storage.   
  • Studies show that yo-yo dieting leads to higher body fat percentages making weight loss harder.
  • With rapid weight loss, muscle mass can be lost too, and this depletion can also lower your metabolism 
  • By regaining weight, fatty liver can be a side effect which can also lead to liver disease.
  • By fluctuating weight, one can be susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
Other things to consider when yo-yo dieting is that one might feel out of control, which they think is a sign of personal weakness. This is normal when misguided to think that one can maintain short-term techniques for long-term. In order to break this cycle, one must move away from short-term thinking but rather permanent lifestyle changes. For more information on how to start making lasting permanent changes, visit Living Well with Kiki or schedule a discovery call with Nutritionist Kiki. 
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