a man eating a cheese burger
Many people often think that they need to fully eliminate the things they like to eat that are considered “unhealthy” when wanting to be healthier or lose/maintain their weight. In reality, we are all going to consume some sort of junk food at some point of our lives. Even though “unhealthy foods” or aka “junk foods” contain little to no nutritional value, might be low quality and high calorically, giving 100 percent abstinence is not only necessary, it’s unrealistic. Instead, learn some key tips to enjoy the foods you love, without guilt and without harming your health.

 Tips to Enjoy The Foods You Love 

  • 1. Learn to eat your favorite foods in moderation
  • Having the all-or-thing mentality will not only put you at risk to relapsing but may hinder your health with those binge moments. Learn to having some of your favorite foods intentionally and in smaller portions so that way it helps curb cravings. If you do have those out-of-control foods, learning not to have them may be something to work on. 

  • 2. Understand that it’s part of the process
  • You don’t need to be 100 percent all the time because that isn’t realistic. Eating about 70 to 80 percent of nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods is a great way to balance your nutrition. By practicing this approach, you will also have a better relationship with food, and it’ll be more sustainable, long term.

  • 3. Focus on your surroundings
  • When you are at restaurants, get togethers, BBQ’s and more, use this time to focus on the quality you are having with others vs obsessing about what the food options. If you focus on your quality time, not only will you stress less but willing to give yourself permission to eat your favorite foods with the acceptation of portion control. 

  • 4. Move on after eating your favorite foods
  • After eating the “unhealthy food” you ate, move on. Don’t let it linger or consume you, because it will only make matters worse. Choose something healthier at your next meal and move on. If you’re able to move past your food choices, you are able to live a life of balance and your nutrition will be less stressful. 
So overall, is “unhealthy foods” or aka “junk foods” something we should consume all the time? No. But learning how to balance them out throughout our diet is important. We are always going to be expose to them, so learning how to fit them into our lives will help us stay sane and less likely hood of having a poor relationship with food. 
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