People watching fireworks, raising their hands up and holding the American flag.
This holiday weekend is a fun time for everyone but not the person on a “diet”. We all know that it sucks to eat a salad when everyone else is going full “Merica!” on the barbecue and buffet. We also think that we need to count back on our carb intake if we don’t want to look like a Thanksgiving float by Labor Day. But actually, there are other ways to stay healthy and still enjoy America’s birthday. 

  • Fill up on healthy foods beforehand. Having a big salad with a bunch of protein and healthy fats or drinking a heavy protein shake with all the goods can help satisfy you before heading to the party, since we all know we don’t make the best decisions with an empty stomach.
  • Mix up your cocktails. Making your own cocktail or having a hard seltzer not only gives you control on the sugar and carbs but it also allows you to participate without feeling the effects later on. 
  • Make party food healthy. There are a ton of healthy options out there that are great for barbecues and get-togethers. By looking at places like my “Kiki Approved Recipes” on pinterest, you can find delicious things like bell-pepper nachos or burger slides that everyone will enjoy! 
  • Stay active. Use this time to have some fun with your friends or go for a long walk with loved ones. Enjoy the fireworks by being outside and moving! 

By using this time to grill your food, you’re not just controlling the quality of food but also nourishing the body the right way. Using this time to focus on quality time with the people you decide to celebrate America’s birthday should be fun, not daunting. 

Hope you all have a fun and healthy Fourth of July! 

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