Father's Day Sign with 2 ties
Father’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate that special dad or father figure in your life. While of course we love them 365 days a year, it’s always nice to show a little extra love on Father’s Day.  Dad’s aren’t always the easiest to shop for so why we don’t help the dad in your life be the healthiest man he can be with some essential health and wellness tips. 

Father's Day Health & Wellness Tips

  • 1. Have him sleep in. With life being so hectic these days, a good night’s rest can really help him reset energy levels. By prioritizing sleep, these dads can tap into the power of a well-rested mind and body. 
  • 2. Help him stress less. Do something creative or make this day enjoyable for your father. Society often teaches men to be tough and strong in the face of adversity which can make it hard to deal with stress in the right way. Having fun can help lower stress levels and increase positive moods. 
  • 3. Have an active day. By prioritizing some activity like playing outdoor games can be a fun way to increase activity without it feeling like a “exercise”.  
  • 4. Make him a hearty meal. If you’re able to barbecue, this is a great time to grill some meat with veggies that he and the family will enjoy. By making him a homemade meal, you’ve providing quality and nutrients that his body needs to stay healthy and strong! 
We want the father figures in our lives to live long and healthy lives. By sharing these healthy tips, you’ve giving him a great gift, preventative care. If you want to influence that father in your life with healthy eating, buy him a gift certificate to attend one of Kiki’s cooking classes. This is another way to influence cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen.  Find more information at livingwellwithkiki.com or emailing at info@livingwellwithkiki.com. 
Happy Father’s Day! 
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