a mother and daughter enjoying a family meal
When wanting to eat healthier, it can sometimes be difficult with getting the whole family on board. Everyone doesn’t always agree on what to eat. Parents are sometime following a specific diet; toddlers may refuse to eat at mealtimes or teenagers getting drive-through. With so many different schedules and food preferences, it might seem hard to get everyone on the same page but it’s possible to get a family agreeing on some healthy habits. 

Here are a few tips for eating healthier as a family.

  • 1. Avoid labeling foods as “off-limits”
  • This allows everyone to foster a healthy relationship with food

  • 2. Let go of perfection
  • Do the best you can to help your family make healthy choices.

  • 3. Make eating healthy about wellness, not weight
  • Teaching kids at a young age, why food is important to your body and health, will influence them to continue to make the better choice

  • 4. Keep meal planning simple
  • Having everyone involved in meal planning can help with meal variety and avoid the guessing on “what’s for dinner tonight.”

  • 5. Make meal prep a priority
  • Make it a family affair. By involving the whole family, you can all help with the batch cooking, grocery shopping and stocking up the pantry with healthy snacks. 

  • 6. Eat together
  • Eating as a family has many great benefits like, kids tend to eat fewer fast foods, build bond between family members and lower rate of depression and stress.

As always, it’s all about trial and error. Start small and incorporate the things that everyone responds well too. Though consistency and taking it one step at a time, it’s possible to find a healthier way of eating that’s both realistic and sustainable for your family. 
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