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The holidays have come to an end, and 2022 is here! 

At the start of this new year, I challenge you to work to make decisions that reflect on your future and who you want to become! As a certified Nutritionist, I am here to hold you accountable as you work towards achieving your goals this year.

Consider these tips to start 2022 off with a healthy mindset:

  • Reach out to your supportive Community
  • Let family and friends know the change you’re trying to make. They have likely been in a similar situation and can help guide you in making positive decisions and keep you on track to your goals.

  • Journal more
  • Take ownership of your actions and write them down. Then, take a few minutes each day to write a sentence or two reflecting on your day.

  • Drink more water
  • Try to drink about 64 ounces of water a day to stay healthy and help fight potential food cravings. Hydration is essential for your optimal wellbeing, which can help you remain responsible and assist you in making better decisions.

  • Get moving
  • Participate in healthy motion to help guide you along your journey. Not only is healthy motion good for getting your blood flowing and heart pumping, but it is also an excellent tool for clearing your mind and focusing your mind on what is most important to you.

This takes practice but, over time, you will start to see your choices more clearly and have the power to make the choice that moves you closer to optimal well-being.

Connect with me, for additional tips on how I can help you you’re your focus on your goals!
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