a jar of elderberry jam
As if we didn’t already have immunity boosting on our minds, we’re now fully entrenched in the cold and flu season. For obvious reasons, we’d probably all like to do what we can to stay well this winter.
You’ve heard the guidance on wearing masks, washing your hands, and keeping physical distance. But your diet is one area of influence that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Among the foods that may shore up your immune system, elderberry packs a punch. While it might not be the kind of berry you pick up for snacking (I’ve never seen it in the produce aisle), its juice makes for plenty of tasty drinks.
In a review of scientific literature from 2015, researchers concluded that the numerous antioxidants in elderberries:
  1. counteracted oxidative stress
  2. stimulated the immune system
  3. even helped reduce blood pressure and blood sugar
Some of the immune-strengthening power of elderberries may come from their high vitamin C. With their high antioxidant content, these berries and their extract can make a healthful addition to your diet.
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