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 By being a positive dominant force and thinking optimistically in these times of change, we will guarantee ourselves the best chance of staying healthy, staying calm, and maintaining our focus – with family, children and loved ones. 
Here are some tips to stay healthy and/or help others during these unprecedented times. 

Staying healthy within ourselves: 

  • Prioritizing your health will allow for a positive increase in other life aspects.
  • Take the time to listen to your body and notice changes.
  • Get proper sleep as lack of sleep leads to additional stress and fear.
  • Prioritize healthy eating to maintain a healthy mind during this time.
  • Focus on areas of your life where you do have control over.

Helping others:

  • Call or video chat with family and friends - be a positive resource for your loved ones.
  • Take responsibility - life happens by us NOT to us, we can change our own outcomes.
  • Remember that hope and remaining calm is contagious - we are like the five people, with which we spend the most time.
  • Show up at your best and recognize we are all fearful- explore our minds and choose a positive outcome.
  • Prioritize needs in order to help others.

Join the community by participating in my next 21 Day Health Challenge to get camaraderie and motivation within the group as you work on yourself and your health. 

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