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Nutrition Programs

We've designed a range of nutrition programs to fit everyone's goals and needs.

21-Day Health Challenge

Want to work in a group when it comes to your nutrition and habits? Join Kiki's spring and fall challenges where we get ready for the summer and winter. These challenges help you stay accountable, build camaraderie while getting expert coaching.

21 day program

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What's included

  • Community and comradery
  • Habit tracker app
  • Live and expert coaching
  • Prizes for top 3 winners!

Jumpstart Nutrition

Not ready for a big commitment yet? Sign up for Kiki's jumpstart nutrition program where you learn the basics of nutrition and how to apply it to your lifestyle. Learn about your habits, what's working for you and where you can improve.

4 week program

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What's included

  • Wellness review
  • Customized Food-to-Fit plan
  • Essential nutrition training
  • Health tracking app
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Access to maintenance program

Fit Foodie Accelerator

If you're getting ready for a big event like a wedding, fitness competition or if you are going to be a mama, this 3-month nutrition program is just for you. Get customized nutrition support to not only get you ready for your big event but to learn how to sustain your results.

3 month program

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What's included

  • Wellness review
  • Customized Food-to-Fit plan
  • Nutrition training
  • Health tracking app
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Access to maintenance program
  • Habit training

Confident and Fit Foodie Formula

If you're tired of going on another diet or not sure what real nutrition looks like, check out this 4-month nutrition program. You'll get a deep understanding of lifestyle nutrition along with techniques and results that will last a lifetime!

4 month program

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What's included

  • Wellness review
  • Customized Food-to-Fit plan
  • Extended nutrition training
  • Health tracking app
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Access to maintenance program
  • Extended habit training
  • Nutritional psychology training
  • Bonus monthly coaching session (continuous education)
  • 3 complementary meal prep classes

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Upcoming Classes

Treat yourself and your family with a healthy home cooked meal. Join in the fun with our next virtual cooking class.

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Get to Know Me

Confident Fit Foodie

Kiki Magnuson

I love sharing my passion for health and wellness. I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach Professional with a MS and BS in Kinesiology. I want to help you make a lifelong transformation with a new approach to living a healthier lifestyle.


Are you ready to make a change? Schedule a discovery meeting with me.


Nutrition Programs

We offer a range of programs to fit your goals and needs. Whether you’re just starting or are a veteran confident fit foodie, we have a program to help you take the next step.

Woman preparing a healthy salad.

Confident Fit Foodie Program

Are you motivated to finally get a handle on your personal nutrition, and make exciting changes in your health? Our most effective approach for lifelong changes is the Confident and Fit Foodie Program. This 16-week nutrition and coaching program is designed to help you carefully unpack your personal challenges, and understand the root causes so you can improve address or work on them. With support and guidance, you’ll discover new habits, and make thoughtful realistic changes.

Unhealthy habits take years to develop, with this program you can take control of your nutrition and start working towards a healthier you. This time you’ll have coaching and guidance to help you overcome the daily challenges that you may have stumbled on before.

Many participants see remarkable improvement in their health; but more importantly finish the program with a healthy relationship with food, a healthy lifestyle, and momentum that can be sustained years into the future.

"I am thankful for you believing in me because I was having a hard time. I am happy you never give up on me."


Cooking With Kiki

Are you feeling lost in the kitchen? Break out of your comfort zone. Join a virtual cook-a-long class with me and your friends. Have some fun, try new flavors, and learn how to make healthy delicious meals at home. In these live-streaming virtual cooking classes, Kiki will lead the group as we cook delicious meals that the whole family will love!

"I’ve joined Kiki for a few of her online cooking classes. She takes the hard work out of cooking and makes it fun. There’s no research or guess work, just follow the shopping list, tune in to the live class, and follow along step-by-step. If you have a question, just ask. I discovered some of our families’ favorite meals in these classes. The fact that the meals are healthy is bonus."

Woman preparing a healthy meal in a home kitchen.

Nutritional Support Partnerships

Are you a health or fitness professional that knows the value of nutrition support but either doesn't have the time to offer this service or don't know where to start?

Outsource your nutrition support to Living Well with Kiki, so you can do what you do best, which is keep your clients and members fit and accountable and Nutritionist Kiki can keep your members successful in nutrition as well.

As a gym owner, I never hesitate to refer our members to Kiki's services! Her expertise delivers a sustainable approach that helps clients cater their nuturtion towards THEIR OWN SPECIFIC GOALS....and without "crash dieting"! Living Well with Kiki means she is always striving to find the best methods to keep clients accountable and motivated in the most healthy ways. If you want to finally crack the code on your personal nutrition, I recommend giving her a call!

-Connor at Luma Fitness


Lifelong Health

Our goal is to deliver lasting lifelong health and fitness, not extreme diets that are unsustainable. Living well is about finding your individual style in nutrition, fitness, and positive headspace.


Real Nutrition

Everyone deserves to be healthy and feel amazing. Your body depends on you to keep it running its best.

Nutrition is about finding your individual style, with a balanced diet of delicious food that makes you feel great and makes your tastebuds happy.

Lifelong change

We focus on building healthy habits, not quick fixes or fad diets.

Personalized approach

Nutrition isn't the same for every body. We'll help you find your personal style.

Realistic Healthy Goals

Real nutrition isn't about starving your body or extreme dieting.

Coaching with Compassion

We can help you find and take your next step, no matter where you are starting.

Are you ready to make a change? Schedule a discovery meeting with me.

Kiki Magnuson

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